With the Lieberman Clinical Servies team, you can always expect professional and quality care.


We're here because we get it. Life can be full of unexpected challenges and we are ready to help you feel confident and supported while facing them. Founder and executive director, Shlomo Lieberman, has been providing individual, marital and family therapy for over 25 years. Besides counseling, Shlomo and his team supervise prevention programs and facilitate support groups in local communities. He provides consultation to schools and organizations nationally by presenting workshops for educators and professionals on how to nurture growth centered environments for their communities. ​So why choose our practice? Shlomo's unique model of insight oriented therapy balanced with concrete behavioral techniques has helped many individuals bring about positive change in their lives over the years. Our team of fully trained and licensed professionals is ready to bring their specialties to the table and fit clients needs on the personalized and step by step journey of self-improvement. The environment is one of true care and focuses on providing you with a feeling of safety and confidentiality to explore your needs. We are a team of diverse professionals catering to the needs of the entire family. So give us a call and let's work together to find a plan that works for you. 


All cases are supervised by Shlomo Lieberman LCSW to ensure the quality service that clients expect from our practice.